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Alzheimer's paintings

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Gregor Harvie creates contemporary art that explores the issues of our time


ďPrimeval gods haunt the painter Gregor Harvie" Rupert Maas >> read more


Gregor is now developing an art project about Alzheimer's disease.


Gregor's most recent project was Meme, an art installation about population growth that was shown in the Crypt under St Pancras Church in London. Gene Meme raised funds for Street Child Africa enabling them to offer 10 street children in Ghana a year's apprenticeship including food, accommodation and clothing to help lift them out of poverty. Gene Meme was supported by 50 texts about past societies whose growth had unintended consequences, a public debate about rising population and teaching resources for Key Stage 1.


Gregorís wide-ranging artistic practice includes painting and the creation of artistic installations which enable the viewer to engage intuitively with complex subjects.

Gregorís paintings challenge the boundaries between art and philosophy, between abstract expression and controlled thought.


Gregor was born in 1969 to a Scottish family and was brought up in Devon where he trained with Dudley Weatherley, a local professional artist, from a young age. Gregor has a PhD in environmental design and is a qualified architect. He won the de Laszlo Foundation Prize for Portraiture in 2001. Gregor writes and gives talks on art and environmental design, he has tutored architectural students on environmental design and has been an external examiner for BSc students at the Welsh School of Architecture. 




>> You can contact Gregor by emailing mail@gregorharvie.com








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