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Dome Rest Zone, Earth Day and more


Between 1996 and 2000 Gregor worked on the creation of the Millennium Dome where he contributed to the content of installations including the Rest Zone, Watercycle, Hanging Gardens, Living Wall, Inhabited Island, 3Dome and Looking Around.


Gregor worked on the design of the Rest Zone in collaboration with architect Richard Rogers and Artangel. The Rest Zone was the Dome's chill-out zone. A totally featureless white space across which a slow moving story of light and sound played out.


In 2000 Gregor directed Earth Day at the Dome in the year 2000. Attended by thirty thousand people, EarthDay at the Dome was part of EarthDay's thirtieth anniversary celebrations, the world's biggest environmental event. Bands, street performers, face painters and eco warriors were joined at the Dome by touring environmental exhibitions from around the UK. Other highlights included a visit by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, now converted to run on LPG, a demonstration by the world champion kite flyer, and a set by Black Lace, playing ironically under the heading "recycling old rubbish".


To mark the event, Gregor created an installation of helium-filled illuminated spheres floating mysteriously in the Dome landscape, a stunning metaphor for the fragility and isolation of our planet.


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