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Rupert Maas from the Antiques Roadshow and Maas Gallery said, “Primeval gods haunt the painter Gregor Harvie - Khaos, and Eros (love, the life-bringer). Spread across the fifty intense paintings of his new show, Eros has triumphed  - life has proliferated so fast that Gaia is exhausted. Logic predicts that, full circle, Khaos will prevail in the future, but all we can see in The Crypt Gallery (the underworld!), where the fifty paintings are densely hung, is exponential cellular division evolving through to teeming crowds. A glimpse of what may be the fate of all this life is given by his partner, writer Alex Harvie, in a series of elegies for past societies that have collapsed under their own weight.”

Aubrey Manning OBE (presenter of BBC2's Earth Story) said, “I’m very pleased to see contemporary artists tackling social issues, and particularly a subject as important as population. There hasn’t been enough debate about population issues, and contemporary art is a great way of reaching a new audience

Carolyn George, Director of Street Child Africa said, “The need for not-for-profit organisations to be creative and resourceful has never been greater. Contemporary art enables us to access audiences we may not have otherwise reached, and at Street Child Africa we are delighted to be working with Gregor Harvie because he understands the issues and his work is accessible, commenting on issues which are genuinely important.” 

Simon Ross of the Optimum Population Trust said, "Alex and Gregor Harvie approached my charity in connection with a multi-media art installation and associated debate they staged on environmental and sustainability issues. I was impressed by the initiative they showed and by their consummate professionalism. I found them a pleasure to work with throughout. Many of our members and patrons attended their event and subsequently universally expressed their appreciation of the way Alex and Gregor presented the familiar in a highly original, well executed and inspiring way."

The Hampstead & Highgate Express wrote about Gregor's Landscapes, "Gregor Harvie ... seems at ease in empty spaces filled only with silence, or as Philip Larkin would put it, places where "silence stands like heat." Yet, with very little apparent detail he manages to evoke a sense of place."

Hazel Barrett, teacher at Heathbrook Primary said Gene Meme was "... wildly popular .... The project wiped the board when the pupils chose their favourite activities at the end of the year."

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