Millport Town Seal

The Community Council has received an enquiry from the Heraldry Society regarding a device used by the Burgh of Millport.

The Image Librarian and Heraldry Archive Editor at the Society is preparing a digital edition of Arthur Fox-Davies’ Book of Public Arms, a wide-ranging survey of civic and corporate heraldry compiled about a hundred years ago. It includes the coat of arms used at the time by Millport Burgh, but with no information about its colouring.

An illustration was taken from the town’s seal, and this is reproduced on the website Heraldry of the World.

It seems that Millport did not matriculate this device with Lord Lyon King of Arms. However, there are many examples of Scottish towns receiving a formal grant from Lyon of their unofficial arms.

The Heraldry Society would be grateful for any information the community has about the Millport device. For instance, does it appear anywhere in the town, what colour is it and so on?

If anyone has any insights please let the Community Council know by emailing and we will pass them on.

8 August 2022