Solar farm planning application

A planning application has been submitted by Comsol Energy Limited for the construction of a large solar farm to the North East of Wee Minnemoer, just to the East of the the Glaid Stone and the highest point viewing area. The site is within the Great Cumbrae Special Landscape Area and the Barbay Hill Local Nature Conservation Site.

The proposed solar farm would have an output of up to 5MW and would cover an area of 15.3 hectares. That is 1.3% of the total area of Cumbrae. The power generated would be fed into the National Grid and so would not benefit the local community. No details are provided in the application about how, or where, the linking to the grid will be achieved.

The development would comprise:

• 269 fixed photovoltaic panels.
• A substation building.
• Inverter stations.
• A switch gear housing building.
• Battery container buildings.
• An access road from the south west.
• A 2m high fence.
• 3m high CCTV Poles.
• Changes to roads and the construction of permanent passing places.

If you would like to view the application or to comment on it, you can do so at:

1 August 2022