Join the solar farm protest

Join us on Saturday 25 Feb at 11am the highest point to protest against the solar farm

A new planning application has been submitted for the proposed solar farm at the highest point.

Cumbrae Community Council is organising a protest to raise awareness about the community’s objection to this proposal. We are going take a group photo at the highest point, with lots of umbrellas to publicise our opposition. We need as many people as possible to take part.

  • It rains 183 days a year on Cumbrae. Can this really be the best place for a solar farm?
  • The solar farm will blight the highest point viewing area and the inner circle walk.
  • The site is within the Great Cumbrae Special Landscape Area and the Barbay Hill Local Nature Conservation Site.
  • Traffic to and from the solar farm will use the ferry and the narrow core path.
  • Power generated by the solar farm will be taken off the island to the national grid – there will be no benefit to the local community.
Make sure your voice is heard by joining us on Saturday 25 Feb at 11am at the highest point - and make sure you bring your umbrella for the photo.

There will also be a free bus from the pier and from Kames Bay at 10.40 (thanks to Millport Motors). If you need help with transport, contact

See you on Saturday.