Our policy for responding to planning applications

Community councils have a statutory right to be consulted on applications for planning permission and licensing applications. Cumbrae Community Council has developed a policy setting out how we will respond to planning and licensing applications that affect the island. The policy was approved at a Cumbrae Community Council meeting on 30 June 2022.

Under this policy, we will consider responding to applications, if any of the following apply:

• Cumbrae Community Council receives 5 or more comments from the community.
• The application represents a departure from North Ayrshire Council’s Local Development Plan.
• The application raises one or more important matters of principle for the island.
• The application might reasonably be predicted to have a significant impact on the community.
• The application impacts a listed building, conservation area or other designated site.

As part of the process of obtaining the views of the community, we will email subscribers to our mailing list when significant new applications are made and we will post details on this website. Minor applications will be posted on Facebook.

If you have any comments on planning or licensing applications, you can either make them direct on the North Ayrshire Council website, and / or you can email us at cumbraeccouncil@gmail.com and we will consider whether we should make a formal response on behalf of the island.

Planning applications made to North Ayrshire Council (NAC) can be viewed at: https://www.eplanning.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/OnlinePlanning

June 2022